Acme Driving School LLC - Drivers Education | Tacoma WA
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Your instruction with Acme Driving School LLC of Tacoma, WA includes 5 weeks of in-class training, 5 hours of one-on-one training in the car, and 4 hours of simulations in a class room setting.


You will need a driving permit by the fourth class session. Normally, you will have to take a written test in order to obtain a permit. However, we will provide a waiver to postpone the test at the Department of Licensing until you've completed the driver’s education course.

Improve Your Skills on the Road

Complete Driver's Education Training

  • Learn to parallel park

  • Recognize and anticipate road hazards

  • Learn the rules of the road

  • Learn to back around the corner accurately

  • Simulation driving will help sharpen your skills

  • Learn to be a safe and smart driver

  • Patient and knowledgeable instructors

Learn how to protect yourself on the road!


Learn the Skills You Need to Stay Safe on the Road

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